A professional woodwind player and an engineer set a target years ago to make great mouthpieces and sell them at an affordable price. Even the young players should be able to buy great mouthpieces. On this journey, the woodwind pro has learned how to tune mouthpieces, the engineer has learned to play woodwind instruments.

Hundreds of mouthpieces were studied in great detail, measured, and tested with various reeds. We have collected fantastic mouthpieces made by well-known and not much known masters, analyzed them to understand what makes them work well, sound great and provide the player a chance to play like he has always wanted. Unfortunately, many of the old pieces were worn out or had manufacturing faults in them thus making them very sensitive to reeds. There are great classics that only work with 1 out of 10 reeds. We can correct the faults and make a new mouthpiece offering the best features of what the great mouthpiece sounded like when new.